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This Startup Is Open Table For Barbers

DC Startup, theCut, Is Open Table For Barbers

theCut-top This Startup Is Open Table For Barbers

Are you sick and tired of trying to run to the barber shop during your lunch break or in between meetings just to find that their booked up? Are you a barber who gets flanked with no shows, bogus appointments or even worse, paying for a booth and no one is coming? Well Obi Omile Jr and his team behind DC Startup, theCut, are here to help.

theCut, in it’s simplest form, is Open Table for barbers and men’s grooming. Men looking for a cut or shape up can turn to their mobile appp to instantly book an appointment. Barbers can use the app to manage their calendar and make sure they have quality appointments booked up.

“We connect the best barbers with the clients who need them. Clients can book and pay their barber directly through the app. The barber can manage his appointments and grow his business.” Omile told in an interview.

Mobile payment options make it a breeze for customers to prepay for their appointments. This gives the barber the confidence to know that the appointment will also show up. It also means that barbers don’t have to carry as much cash, in what used to be a very cash heavy industry.

Omile has a background in tech, having graduated from James Madison University and then working for Accenture, Wells Fargo and truBrain. He decided to create theCut after moving to North Carolina. “I moved to NC and went 2 months without a haircut because I couldn’t find a barber. When I eventually moved back home, I spent 3 hours waiting in my local shop.” he said.

Omile makes no bones about it this is a men’s app. Women have plenty of apps to find access to beauty salons, spas and other primping. There’s no app out there to find barber shops and other men’s grooming especially, ethnic. “We’re built mobile first and specifically targeting black and brown barbers.” Omile said.

He and his co-founder Kush Patel also created the app to help maximize time for their barber customers and the clients.

“The inefficiencies that exist in barbershops today. Barbers can lose 10hrs a month in productivity manages appointments by hand. Client can spend 2 to 3 hours waiting to get their haircut.” they said.

The duo has already been making the startup circuit. They presented at the Collision Conference in New Orleans earlier this spring. Check out the video below to find out more about them and you can find them online at