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Trepic: A new visual travel guide


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What is Trepic?

Trepic is a patent pending visually-oriented destination discovery app, designed to help you find your next perfect travel destination.

Imagine, a tool that magically matches a combination of your travel preferences with a database of epic travel destinations. Simply select images of experiences you like and what you’re looking for, and instantly, you’re on your way to discovering new travel experiences.

Our expert team has compiled its extensive research, curating the world’s best in unique, current, conversation-worthy experiences in the areas of boutique resorts, eco-tourism, adventure expeditions, spas, and more. We gather from top sources such as National Geographic, Conde Nast, and many more.

What’s more – we’re visual learners. We believe that travel discovery is better when experienced visually. Our photo editing team is committed to sharing accurate, jaw-dropping, wish-I-was-there images that inspire travel. Evolve your travel search process with us!

Here’s how it works: We rank your discoveries based on a combination of what you want to do and what the destinations are best known for. Then, you can also book your trip, including top-rated lodging and unique activities, highlighted just for you. And you can feel even more awesome about it because a portion of every booking is contributed to improving children’s education in underprivileged countries.

Trepic also allows you to search the database directly. Results are presented visually using photos matched by keywords and tags. Select the image you like and discover the destination for that experience.

Who is your target user?

marketers, consumers, travelers, millennials, professionals

Why did you build Trepic?

Two years ago, I wanted to take an international trip somewhere with my 8 year old son, but it was difficult to find a top remote destination that would have unique experiences to fit both my and my son’s interests. Like many of my friends, I found the travel discovery and planning process frustrating, with seemingly endless research in exploring potential travel options with no personalized direction. I could browse beautiful, inspiring photography on Pinterest and Instagram, but there wasn’t a sure or easy way to locate the destination or book the experience.

And so together with a team we created Trepic, the first visually-oriented personalized travel discovery tool. We strive to curate quality unique lodging, activities, tours and local experineces around the world. We currently offer over 60,000 experiences globally. Our users can discover their desired experiences visually, get ranked destinations best known for those experiences, and book their personally curated trip in the app. People can feel even better about booking with us knowing that a portion of every booking is contributed towards improving children’s education and quality of life in underprivileged countries.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Kimberli Cheung Wright – CEO/Founder
Founder, Designer, Innovator, Visionary, Film Director/Editor
– Directed an award-winning film that started the movement which led to the amendment of a nationwide law – Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program.
– Previously co-founded a non-profit medical provider group.
– Kimberli has a drive for using her creative talents to innovate products and services that promote positive changes in society.
– “I worked with Kimberli outside of my tenure at Apple, on a side project for an international film contest. We made a short documentary, which ended up garnering the two highest honors in our category. And within that time frame, I had the pleasure of witnessing her talent in action, behind the scenes, and throughout the process. Kimberli has the aesthetic eye of a Guggenheim curator. I’ve never met a single other person who has the capacity to transform the mundane to stunning and attractive to gorgeous. And unlike many artists of our generation, she has incredible emotional depth. She can string a stirring narrative in her head while she directs (in true one-man-band fashion) the style, the tone, the costumes, and the words that make up her (master)piece. Kimberli simply delivers on a world-class level.” – Alexander Cheung, co-founder,