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Vazoo: price comparison for fragrances and cosmetics


Facebook-Logo Vazoo: price comparison for fragrances and cosmetics

What is Vazoo?

Vazoo is the first price comparison site especially for fragrances and cosmetics. Consumers can compare prices of all products offered by German online beauty stores like Douglas, Flaconi, and Amazon. Vazoo even finds the best merchant for multi-product shopping carts and prefills the selected cart on the merchant’s website, saving consumers a lot of time and money.

Until now, existing price comparison platforms like Idealo only find the lowest price offer for each item individually. It’s impossible for them to find the lowest price merchant for a whole shopping cart, e. g. when you need five different products for your make-up.

The average basket in the cosmetics segment consists of four items making it the ideal choice for this kind of price comparison. Merchants offer widely known and identical products and large margins lead to significant price differences between merchants. Until now, customers saved an average of 24% on their shopping carts with Vazoo.

Who is your target user?

German beauty-lovers. Mainly female consumers between 25 and 39 with an above-average income. Internationalization planned.

Why did you build Vazoo? What problem are you taking on?

Because no one wants to waste money and everyone likes telling people what a great bargain he (or she) made.

How is Vazoo different from what is currently available?

We create bargains for our customers – we are like Robin Hood (usually without ridiculous tights, though).

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Having met as travellers at a lonely bus stop in the north of New Zealand, Carsten and Erk quickly realized that they complement each other perfectly as a team of founders. One year later, they quit their jobs and started working full-time on their idea of a next-generation comparison shopping engine. Together with Simon, their Business Developmentor mentor, they founded Vazoo in June 2014.

Vazoo acquired two funding rounds by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and the team neusta group (leading web and communications agency, 500+ employees) in June 2014 and March 2015.

As of September 2015, seven highly motivated and skilled team members are pushing Vazoo towards success.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Carsten Janetzky: As the chief marketing and sales manager of the startup viveroo, Carsten managed the market entry of a new brand of smart home products after his bachelor degree in Economics. He loves to do things differently and works hard for success. At Vazoo, he’s the man for sales and funding.

Erk Struwe: Erk has been working as a self-employed IT consultant and running several affiliate marketing websites since 2006 while earning his master degree in Engineering and Management. He’s the brain and pushes the project forward from the technical point of view as the head of IT and CEO of Vazoo.

Simon researches the influence of latest logistics trends on e-commerce at the University of Bremen. He supports Vazoo as a mentor in Business Development.