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Winecrasher: Priceline for wine


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What is Winecrasher?

Hotwire/Priceline inspired Wine Startup that sell rated wines at the guaranteed best prices in the market.
Customers get all the info on wine (region, vintage, varietal, tasting note etc.), but the wine label is only revealed after the purchase.

This allows Winecrasher to offer the best prices in the market while protecting the winery brands a win-win!

Who is your target user?

Anyone who drinks wine!

Why did you build Winecrasher? What problem are you taking on?

The world of wine is extremely diverse. There is too much information and it’s there isn’t a single place where you can get quality (externally rated by leading critics) wine at constantly great prices.

We wanted to setup a simple, value driven website where EVERY choice is optimal (externally rated at guaranteed best price).

How is Winecrasher different from what is currently available?

We’re the only wine store in the U.S. market that sells wine in this way. Many of the new wine concepts “internally rate” their wine, use incomparable wine (private labels – that you can’t compare to the market prices).
Our concept is different. Every choice is a externally rated (by the leading critics) and at the best price (we price compared using the leading price comparison engine).

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Got into wine working for high end wine retailer Soutirage ( as CFO. Also was always a big fan.

While staying at a hotel (actually inside an elevator) it suddenly dawned on me that the semi-blind concept of Hotwire is perfect for wine.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Niv Nissenson, founder
With a financial and entrepreneurial background Niv joined the wine industry 5 years ago as CFO of Napa based ultra luxury wine retailer, Soutirage. Exposed to the beautiful world of wine, Niv was intrigued by the unique marketing and economical conditions of the wine market.

Nancy O’Connell, Wine Director and Co-founder
Passion and longing brought Nancy to the wine world over a decade ago. Crossing the lines between retailers and wineries, Nancy developed a deep understanding of wine market. Great relationships combined with knowledge and experience make for a great wine director.

Nancy also worked for Soutirage where she and Niv met. Feeling that there is a need and opportunity for a fresh and value based concept Niv and Nancy founded Winecrasher.