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Yabberz: A site for open, thoughtful discussion

Facebook is an amazing platform, for a lot of different reasons. It helps you keep up with friends and family, it helps you find out about events going on around you, it can help you find local businesses and service providers. The list goes on. However, as the election season has shown all of us, it is hardly a platform for informed debate – at least in general. Well, we had a chance to speak with a startup at SXSW that is looking to do for debates and discussion, what Facebook has done for keeping up with family and friends: Yabberz.

Yabberz-SS-1024x487 Yabberz: A site for open, thoughtful discussion

There is a lot to digest in the image above. In a nutshell, Yabberz is a social news/debate platform. It allows users to start, follow along with, and rate discussions. Here is how the startup describes the platform:

Yabberz is a unique social news platform for bloggers and commentators to share ideas and discuss complex issues in an intense, yet fun and safe environment. In essence, Yabberz strives to be a safe place to debate issues and have your opinion be heard and count for something.

The site is very unique in its comment first approach to news and news discussion which makes it easier for a blogger/commentator to stand out as opposed to being buried below an article, advertisements, and then three thousand other posts. We also feature a unique rewards system of ratings, sponsorships, and leaderboards to help commentators be discovered and engaged by a variety of audiences while building their own personal brand.1

During SXSW, we had a chance to speak with Mike Horton, one of the founders of the platform. He told us a bit more about how the discussions work, and the company’s mission: