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Startup Ziyak May Have Figured Out Event Recommendation

Kansas City Startup Ziyak May Have The Secret Ingredient To Event Recommendations

ziyak-spn-top Startup Ziyak May Have Figured Out Event Recommendation

(photo: Silicon Prairie News)

Event recommendation startups are a dime a dozen. They pop up everywhere, they try their luck aggregating and then they disappear. Every founder thinks they’ve mastered event recommendations. They haven’t. There was a startup in Cincinnati a few years back called Impulcity. They look like they had it all figured out but they put scale in front of quality and fizzled completely out by 2015.

There are two main factors that kill the event recommendation startup, and that’s it. Those two factors are quality and scale. Neither are easy tasks.

The first misstep is that event recommendation startups quickly go the easy route, let’s tweak event platform API’s and aggregate all of the events locally. This is an attempt to fill quality, that lacks, in well, quality. The other is scale. Many failed event recommendation startups would build up a user base between 1-10,000 users and feel it was time to move onto the next market. This tactic doesn’t work either.

So how can you fix both problems at the same time?

With Ninjas.

ninja1 Startup Ziyak May Have Figured Out Event Recommendation

Randy Grommet, the founder of a new event recommendation startup called Ziyak, is using ninjas to fix this problem. “Ziyak is an Event APP that allows you to live like a local any any city in the U.S. We have ninjas in every city which make sure that users do not miss out. Businesses, venues, entertainers, festivals post their own content for $1. Charities post for free. Users use free. This APP gives users the benefit of daily deals and exciting opportunities without charging the businesses an arm and a leg to get their message out to the public.” he told in an interview.

That one little dollar is what’s changing the entire event app experience for Ziyak, and hopefully their users. With the $1 fee for event promoters, they build up more quality results and less aggregation of just bull shit. I remember being in Cincinnati for some meetings and looking for something to do. I used Impulcity and it recommended a single moms finger painting class. Needless to say that wasn’t the kind of event I was looking for.  Searching the Googles for things to do can be painstaking and you still run the risk of finding pure bull shit.

Ziyak is using marketing teams in each city they build out. This insures quality of event and it makes it much easier to scale. Those marketing teams are what Grommet refers to as ninjas, and they are a key part to the success of the app, that and the $1.

“About a year ago on a Monday morning I was asking coworkers what they did over the weekend. One of them too me they went to a Baconfest. There was a wine tasting, beer garden, and inflatables for the kids. It sounded amazing and I missed it. At that moment I wanted to build an APP that ensures nobody ever misses out on fun events again.” Grommet said.

So yeah, bacon, ninjas and $1 may have solved the event recommendation mystery.

Check out Ziyak here.