VC Investment Highest Ever Since dotcom days

Whether we are in the midst of a bubble or not, things are great in the VC world. Venturebeat reported on Friday that VC investment hit $13 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2014. That’s the highest it’s ever been since the first dotcom bubble that saw the fall of internet startups like

Price Water House Cooper LLC (PwC) and their Money Tree Report, along with the National Venture Capital Association reported this news based on data from Thomson Reuters.

The $13 billion invested during the second quarter was across 1,114 deals. That’s up from $9.7 billion dollars invested in 985 deals in the first quarter of this year.

Uber’s $1.2 billion dollar deal was the largest funding round in the second quarter. That helped software deals reach $6.1 billion dollars. Venturebeat reports that the Uber deal was the largest ever in the Money Tree Report since the report began publishing.

So what was next after Software? 

Biotech accounted for $1.8 billion invested across 122 deals while media and entertainment reached $1 billion dollars invested across 124 deals.

$2.7 billion dollars was invested in 270 internet based businesses during the same period. Those businesses can be found across software, e-commerce and media and entertainment which is why it’s not considered it’s own category.

Interesting enough, hardware, which would have included the Beats Audio deal, was actually one of seventeen industries covered that saw a decrease in investment dollars.

What about Enterprise?

Everyone is always talking about the opportunity in enterprise startups. It may be starting to hear that business products and services saw a 69 percent drop in the second quarter.