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SparkGift: Give the gift of stocks instead of gift cards

As we are inching closer towards the holiday season, it is time to start thinking about gift lists. Well, there is one startup that wants to change the way you think about gifting this year. Y Combinator graduate SparkGift has built a unique platform with the goal of offering an alternative to gift cards.

Spark believes in changing the way we relate to gifting. Rather than just creating a moment of delight, Spark believes a gift can be a more meaningful, longer lasting experience. One gift can empower someone’s financial future, even a small investment gift of $20.1

How-SparkGifts SparkGift: Give the gift of stocks instead of gift cards

The idea is quite simple actually. So often, we buy meaningless gifts that are ultimately insignificant. Instead, SparkGift wants to facilitate the giving of a gift that is two things: a tool to learn more about the stock market; a gift that has the potential to have a major impact in someones life:

SparkGift was founded by veteran technologists in Silicon Valley, with experience from Google and Visa. They noticed a common problem among their friends and family, “I need to find a gift; I want to give them something they’d appreciate; I’m tired of wasting money on meaningless toys and gift cards.” They wanted to empower people to give gifts that can truly impact their loved ones’ lives.2

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