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FUSAR Mohawk: Make any helmet a smart helmet

During the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, one of the most interesting events we were able to attend was the Techstars pitch contest. During the first three days, Techstars held three separate thematic pitch contests. day 1 was Mobility & Transportation, day 2 was IOT & Wearables, and day 3 was Lifestyle & Digital Health. Each had several interesting companies. One of the coolest things we saw during the pitch contests was the FUSAR Mohawk.

Right now, there are a whole host of different smart helmet systems available. Nearly every one is just that though, a smart helmet. This is not a bad thing, necessarily, but it does limit the use cases. If you buy a smart motorcycle helmet, it is probably a little big to use when you are, say, skateboarding. However, the FUSAR Mohawk solves this problem.

Fusar FUSAR Mohawk: Make any helmet a smart helmet

Rather than making a physical helmet, FUSAR has built a system that can work with any helmet. The company, which closed a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign late last year, calls the Mohawk the Swiss Army Knife of smart helmets:

Mohawk is the flagship component of our 3-part modular smart helmet system. It’s an action camera, activity tracker, communication device, navigation unit, music player, black box and emergency alert system – all wrapped into one.

Built by enthusiasts, Mohawk is designed for easy and seamless use across a wide range of action sports. Technology should never get in the way of the experience, and Mohawk is technology made simple. The smart helmet revolution is finally here.1

Ryan Sherman, FUSAR’s CEO, took to the Techstars Startup Stage during the Mobility & Transportation pitch contest. Take a look at his pitch below:

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