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Hatch Baby Wi-Fi Baby Changing Pad

During the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, there were a few new thematic additions: there was an entire ball room at the Venetian dedicated to both Baby Tech and Beauty Tech. There were some really interesting products on display.

Baby-Tech-1024x317 Hatch Baby Wi-Fi Baby Changing Pad

The whole Baby Tech section was really interesting. Probably owing to the fact that neither I, nor any of my close friends are parents, I had no idea the extent of the industry. Anyhow, one of the more interesting Baby Tech products we came across was Hatch Baby:

HatchBabay Hatch Baby Wi-Fi Baby Changing Pad

Rather than butchering the features of the Hatch Baby Changing Pad, here is how the company describes the product:

The first product released by Hatch is the Smart Changing Pad, a modern redesign of the diaper changing pad found in nearly every baby nursery. It has a built-in wifi-enabled scale so that mom will know how much her baby drank while nursing (seamlessly calculated for her based on baby’s before nursing and after nursing weight). The information is sent to the accompanying app (iPhone or Android) so that the parents know how much the baby ate during a feeding and how mom’s supply is changing as the baby grows.1

Abby had a chance to ask the Hatch Baby team a few questions about their changing pad during CES: