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Hiro ThingFInder: A Hackable Bluetooth Tracker

Over the past few years, there has been a huge rise in the number of hardware startups. There are a lot of different reasons for this, but the main driver is the cost of production. In the past, not eve 10 years ago, prototyping took a tremendous amount of time and money. Now, with the rise of cheap hardware boards – like the Arduino – and 3D Printers, prototyping is extremely cost effective and takes only hours or days, as opposed to months. As a result, many of these new hardware startups are able to offer their products at low prices. One of the low-cost hardware startups is Hiro. The company has created a unique open-source Bluetooth tracker: The Hiro ThingFinder:

Hiro-ThingFinder Hiro ThingFInder: A Hackable Bluetooth Tracker

There are a whole host of different Bluetooth trackers available right now, but the Hiro is one of the most unique such products that we have come across. It offers a lot of different features, but perhaps the most important one is its price. The Hiro ThingFinder starts at $13.99.

Hiro is a small bluetooth device that can be easily attached to personal items and valuables and tracked through the Hiro App from up to 200 feet away. The smartphone app also displays the location your Hiro was last disconnected, making it easier for you to look for your misplaced item. And you can also ring your phone through your Hiro when in range if you misplaced your phone.1

Hiro-Buttin1 Hiro ThingFInder: A Hackable Bluetooth Tracker

Beyond the incredibly affordable price, the Hiro ThingFinder offers a few other advantages over other Bluetooth trackers. As noted above, the tracker is open-source. This is a huge selling point as you can pretty much hack the device to do whatever you want. The ThingTracker, as you can see above, also includes a button which greatly increases the possible functionality when hacking the device.

We believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we kept the Hiro App open source. Developers are welcome to help us make the app better by downloading the source code from our GitHub page and by sharing with us improvements made to the Hiro App for the community.2

Hiro-Thing Hiro ThingFInder: A Hackable Bluetooth Tracker

We had a chance to see the Hiro ThingFinder in person and to speak with the team at One Spark: