CES 2016 iOT

Marvell, and custom chip manufacturing for the IoT

One of our favorite events at the Consumer Electronics Show every year is Pepcom. Yes, there are a bunch of cool companies, and we get to see a bunch of cool new products. That said, one of the best parts about the event is the networking. At Pepcom, you really get to have some conversations with some of the brightest individuals in the technology industry. This year was no exception.

Towards the end of the event, we had a chance to speak with Manas Saksena, the Senior Director of Technology and Product Marketing in the IoT division for Marvell. If you are not aware, Marvell is one of the World’s leading chip manufacturers, shipping more than one billion chips a year. While they do manufacture chips for high volume storage, mobile and wireless, networking, and various consumer devices, they also create a large number of chips for the internet of things. Within the internet of things segment, Marvell has an incredibly interesting approach.

While so many of the major manufacturers make one size fits all chips, Marvell works with various third-party vendors to create customized chips and software to power them. Saksena shared a little bit about the major challenge, and the opportunity, that exists in the custom chip space. He alos told us a little bit about how the process works. Check out our interview below: