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Sky Shepherd Changes Containment Technology At CES

Minneapolis Startup To Show Off Sky Shepherd At Eureka Park

skyshepherd Sky Shepherd Changes Containment Technology At CES

Containment wearables, or devices to keep track of your loves ones are nothing new. Over the last 4 years the technology has seemed rather easy to emulate, and many field tests proved frustration with data usage and battery drain.

The most common uses for containment technology are kids, the elderly and pets. It’s hard with batteries lasting an average of 4-6 hours, to achieve the optimum containment monitoring will subsequently allowing the contained subject to go about their daily routine. I mean having to take the tracking device off the dog collar every six hours to charge can prove to be a nightmare.

Sky Shepherd has created a new kind of containment technology. They use the smartphone as the containment monitoring device, so the dog is out of the question. But by reworking the containment strategy and making it about when the device goes out of the containment zone, rather than constant monitoring, data usage, and battery life are well, contained.

“SkyShepherd allows complex “safe containment areas” to be created with progressive alert zones and assign them to other devices to be contained. The client autonomously monitors the connected device in the safe-area and then sends alerts if the device is about to leave the scheduled safe area. This lets the user act if needed, and not constantly check on the device, just to see if it’s OK!” the company said in a press release.

By using smartphones, tablets and smart watches as the monitored device, they eliminate the need for small tags that can be easily chipped, broken or lost. Again, this just won’t work with the dog… yet.

“This will revolutionize containment by being able to use the growing infrastructure of smart phones and smartwatches providing security and `peace of mind`,” says Kevin Nieuwsma, Inventor and CEO of GPSip. “We are thrilled to be introducing SkyShepherd at CES and look forward to partnering with industry leaders to accelerate the adoption of our proprietary Autonomous GeoGraphical Containment Technology.”

GPSip will be showing off Sky Shepherd at Booth number 50917 in Eureka Park, January 5-8th at the Sands Expo Center as part of CES 2017.

Check out Sky Shepherd here.