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Stress Fighting Wearable To Present At CES [CES 2017]

Startup, Lief, To Debut Stress Fighting Wearable at Eureka Park

Lief-Top Stress Fighting Wearable To Present At CES [CES 2017]Are you stressed? It’s the holidays and as everyone is so joyous and happy most people are equally as stressed. Do you have stress from work, from your personal life, from school? Can you believe now, there’s a wearable for that? It’s called Lief.

Now Lief isn’t some hocus pocus, hippie, essential oil kind of madness, it’s actually based on true medical principles.

Lief is a wearable that when attached to your body, it tracks and optimizes your resiliency to stress by increasing your natural heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is a biomarker of your physical and psychological health, one that is monitored when you spend all morning at your doctor’s office for a stress test.

There is an accompanying app that can give you insights into the feedback that Lief is taking in. However, the team at Lief designed the device, essentially as a stand alone. Some consider it a personal meditation coach.

A natural way to become less stressed is to take control of your HRV. You can train yourself to stay focused and in control throughout your day.

The Lief wearable stays comfortably on your body all day long, so when your body reacts, the Lief notices.

Life-2 Stress Fighting Wearable To Present At CES [CES 2017]When the Lief notices your HRV increase it vibrates, guiding your breath to a restorative rhythm. The user then exhales with the vibration.

Just a short three minutes breathing in time with the Lief and your heart improves your natural stress response and ability to focus.

“With only three minutes of restorative breathing following the vibration pattern of Lief, users will be back to their natural, healthier breath pattern, which can improve their overall health and mood,” said Lief Founder Rohan Dixit. “We use technology with clinical-grade accuracy to recognize stress patterns throughout the day and have tested the device on various people, including Tibetan Monks, who helped us learn more about how deeply the mind and heart are connected.”

Lief is going to show off just how great this technology is at Eureka Park as part of CES 2017 January 5th-8th at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas (beneath the Venetian). They’ll be in Hall G booth: 51639