Top Automation Companies Who Will Run Your Home

Smart homes are homes which have enough home automation within them to be almost fully automated (at least according to the standards of the day), and they are becoming more and more common around the world. The internet of things is partially responsible for the recent explosion in smarty homes, as the new ways in which appliances can now be connected to each other and the homeowner continue to expand.
Linear actuators and motion systems are two other pieces of technology which have also revolutionised the home automation scene, as they both, in their own ways, have changed the way in which it can work. Electric actuators are extremely useful pieces of equipment, as they can be used in a number of different applications to improve and expand on their previous functions. It’s a similar story with motion systems – they can allow for more home automation to occur, and for the home automation which already exists to be expanded upon and given new functions.
There are a number of companies which specifically focus on home automation, all of which have different focuses which could be interesting to people who want to expand their own home.

homeautomation Top Automation Companies Who Will Run Your Home

Inorganic Mind Automation
This company has focused primarily on what they have termed the iSwitchBox; a centralised piece of equipment which helps people to run their smart home. The iSwitchBox keeps track of all the individual automated devices which are present and running in a home, by linking with them all, and providing information when needed. The iSwitchBox is both iOS and Android enabled, so homeowners can link to it remotely, and use it to control their home. The company designed the iSwitchBox to be able to co-ordinate timers and schedules for all the various pieces of home automation, meaning that homeowners do not have to. The company also created a means for the iSwitchBox to be able to communicate with linked home automation through a local network, so that it could still function without any internet.
Dome Home Automation
This company does not focus on one specific piece of equipment, but instead produces a number of different things, including motion sensors, door sensors, and smart plugs. These are fairly common parts of the home automation package, and Dome Home Automation has a high standard for all of them. Where the company moves away from the expected smaller pieces of automation technology is in the package that is offered along with it – a leak and flood protection package, to keep damage to a minimum. These packages include sensors which are specifically designed for notifying home owners of a problem, as well as the means to shut off the water.

homeautomation2 Top Automation Companies Who Will Run Your Home

Halo Home
What does the tagline “Intelligent Luxury” mean to you? According to Halo Home, it should conjure up images of high quality, functional home automation devices; ones which are minimalistic and artful in a way that others aren’t. The company itself has only just launched, but they promise all of the above descriptions in their promotional material, and the website they have seems to bear the promises out.
Postal Notice
Postal Notice is an unusual company because it allows for the use of an existing system (the GPS system used for the postal service) to be re-appropriated for use in telling people when their home automation devices are going to come in.