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Meaningful Parental Engagement Leads To Better Academic Outcomes

Classtag Offers Meaningful Parental Engagement, Driving Better Academic Outcomes

classtag-edit-top Meaningful Parental Engagement Leads To Better Academic Outcomes

There’s a lot of research out there that supports the notion that more parental involvement equals better academic outcomes. While for the most part this is correct, what really drives better academic outcomes is meaningful parental engagement. The best mix of parental involvement without getting too overbearing is hard to manage, one parental engagement platform, Classtag, has it down.

Research from Karen Mapp explores the differences between overbearing parental involvement and meaningful engagement.  The problem is that in many instances, getting any parental involvement can be strenuous on teachers.

Classtag starts with getting parents involved with communication in a number of ways. The app makes sure that messages get home. It also makes sure that parents get engaged whether it be coordinating parent teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities, PTA meetings, and newsletters. Teachers can use the app for 1:1 communication and to speak with all of the parents in their class.

All of this is achieved through a suite of beautifully simple tools for all parent coordination, communication, and community. The app automates follow ups and reminders and shows teachers in one dashboard who has seen a message, and acted on it.

In a perfect world every parent would have access to a computer or a mobile device and they would all be on the Classtag app, but in this day and age that’s just not a reality. Classtag founder Vlada Lotkina knows that, which is why offline communication is also part of the Classtag experience. It’s the only app of it’s kind to take a proactive approach for parents and guardians that don’t have access to devices.

“My main challenge is to reach all parents and get them to respond,” said Danielle Fugazzi, a kindergarten teacher, in a prepared statement. “Too often teachers engage the same families over and over, but those that need this connection the most seem to be missing out. ClassTag understood the very heart of the issue and is giving me the opportunity to confidently reach all families and print out the personalized newsletters and announcements for parents who aren’t online or who don’t regularly read their emails.”

Classtag knows which parents don’t have access to digital means and makes it just as easy to print out the same reminders, newsletters, notifications and other communications that are being delivered by the app. Teachers can then send those papers home and mark off that those parents were also brought into the communication loop.

Through this offline feature, and their translation feature, Classtag has become the first parental communication app to truly reach every parent.

Communication isn’t what drove founder Vlada Lotkina to create Classtag. “getting parents involved in even the littlest things often leads to more engagement.” Lotkina told at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio in June. She went on to explain that parents that start with responding to notifications and then coming to events, may then end up volunteering or joining the PTA.

With the communication made simple via Classtag, parents know the door is truly open and that teachers are approachable. It’s app based platform means that even the busiest of parents can check Classtag notifications before meetings, while waiting for food at a restaurant or even on the subway.

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