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EdTech: Cricket Media’s Newest eMentoring Program Connects Students With STEM Career Mentors

cricket-tryengineeringtogether-top EdTech: Cricket Media's Newest eMentoring Program Connects Students With STEM Career MentorsCricket Media Introduces TryEngineering Together As Part Of Their CricketTogether eMentoring Program.


Last year at ISTE 2017, the award winning Cricket Media introduced an innovative and smart new mentorship program. The program, called Cricket Together, linked business professionals and employee mentors from participating companies, to kids in grades 3-5 in lower income areas.

The program was an instant hit. Students loved the attention they were getting from their new friend and mentor. They couldn’t wait to get messages from someone that took a caring interest in them and their education and wasn’t their teacher or their parents. In some cases, the positive reinforcement from the student’s mentor was the only positive reinforcement they got outside of teachers and faculty.

For the business professionals and employee mentors, the feeling was mutual.

“From the time I received my first letter from the first student I eMentored, I was hooked. He told me about his family, how he liked soccer and football, how he wanted to learn about woodworking because his dad was a carpenter. I was able to share my interest in sports, and also ask him to think about what he’d like to build if he were a carpenter. Kevin Manzel an e-Mentor with Great Courses said.

“Once we’d built a rapport over our families and interests, then we read magazine articles together – virtually — and discussed them. Since I have a son the exact same age as my pen pal, it was both easy and fun to pick out what I found interesting, and then prod him with questions I knew would stir his creative thinking juices. Best of all, I looked forward to getting my e-mail notice that ‘You have a letter waiting for you!’” He added.

The original program was designed to create a positive experience around reading and sharing Cricket Media articles. Now, they’ve expanded into the ever growing world of STEM. Through their new program, TryEngineering Together (launching this month), students are connected with mentors that work in the STEM community and in STEM careers. There’s no better way to learn than from someone who is actually doing it.

Now not only are students connected with a caring adult mentor to read and share, but they’re also connected with someone that’s working in the world of STEM that can explain with first hand knowledge how the skills they are learning in school, are going to help them in the future.

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