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EduKids Connect Gives Early Ed The Same Communication Tools As K-12

edukidsconnect-top EduKids Connect Gives Early Ed The Same Communication Tools As K-12EduKids Was Created To Serve The Communication Needs Of Early Ed Parents And Teachers

There are a variety of parental communication tools in the world of K-12 education. There’s School Messenger App, ClassTag, and Remind. Heck, even PowerSchool could be considered a parental communication platform.

Keyur Sheth saw that first hand when his eldest child was in school. The communication tools were there. Parents want timely updates and they get them. Parents want a peek into classwork and they get it. What Sheth realized with his youngest child was that tool doesn’t exist in early ed.  Truth be told, it’s actually more important there.

Many early ed providers, and day care centers see children for a lot longer than traditional K-12 schools. When you’re using nursery school, preschool, or day care, your child’s primary teacher may be the teacher you say at 6:00am when your dropping off. Chances are, by the time you pick up at 7:00pm, that teacher is at home with their own kids.

“The communication from the daycare center was great but at the end of the day when i picked up my child, the teacher who spent the entire day with my child had already left. I wanted immediate communication as I was genuinely concerned with her seasonal allergies etc. That made me wonder why no one ever focused on improving the communication system within early childcare. I come from a technology background and with my wife being a teacher for 15 years, I said why not let me try and solve this issue.” Sheth told in an interview.

From their EduKids was created, with a goal to make smarter classrooms, connected families and engaged kids. It’s been proven time and time again that when parents get involved in their child’s education as early as pre-k, the child becomes more engaged.

The benefits are clear to all of the parties involved:


  • Share photos and videos much more easily, without the traditionally cumbersome uploading/downloading tasks of the past.
  • Send notes, reminders and notifications.
  • Capture and share daily care and learning experiences with parents.
  • Teachers have immediate access to every child’s personal data.

Parents or Guardians

  • Communication can come from any teacher, both AM/PM shifts.
  • Easily access program materials, parent handbook, menus, curriculum info, progress reports etc.
  • Download photos to share with family and friends.
  • More than one parent/guardian can receive the daily summaries on any mobile device or computer.


  • Automatically capture registration data.
  • Generate customized reports: attendance, meals, etc.
  • Retrieve securely archived data anytime.
  • Easily send newsletters, documents, forms, and reminders to select classes or to the entire program.
  • Use the optional billing and invoicing features, built into the system.

Even with this many features Sheth knew that for EduKids to be successful and parents to use it every single day, it needed to be easy to use.

“We believe that we are the most easy-to-use and comprehensive solution out there. We think the ease-to-use factor is important because of the segment we cater to. The school directors or teachers are usually reluctant to use anything that has to do with technology and that is a big challenge. So, for them to implement something like this, it has to be very easy-to-use which we are.” Sheth told

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