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An Insurance Company That Understands Teachers

horacemann-top An Insurance Company That Understands TeachersHorace Mann Is The Insurance Company For Teachers

You wake up everyday at 5:30am for your job that most thinks is the 6 hours you’re teaching their kids. But we all know that’s not the case. You get into school at 7, grade papers, set up the days lesson and maybe let a couple kids in early to use the internet. Your students roll in at 8am and you’ve got them until the bell rings at 3pm, but your day doesn’t end there.

The plight of the teacher is real. Teachers educate our children because they love it and they love them. They want to seem them succeed and they do it for pennies, often the lowest paid public service employees. But they are relentless.

The last thing you want to do after a long day of teaching is call about an insurance problem. No one wants to talk to Flow, Jake or that little lizard after a hard day at the office, especially teachers.

Teachers deserve an insurance company designed just for teachers. That’s what Horace Mann is.

For the last 45 years, Horace Mann has specialized in the insurance needs of educators. Horace Mann understands teachers. They protect teacher’s automobiles, homes, renters, and even lives so that teachers can focus on the important things in their lives, teaching.

“We know educators are taking care of our children’s future, and we believe they deserve someone to look after theirs. We provide auto, home and life insurance to protect what teachers and school employees have today, and retirement and financial solutions to help them secure their future.”

Horace Mann also helps teachers plan for their retirement and savings so that after they spend decades teaching the future, they can control their own.

In addition to insurance and financial products for teachers Horace Mann offers workshops on everything from managing student loan debt to financial success.

If you’re ready to find an insurance company that really understands educators, check out

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