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K12: What If You Could Streamline Your Districts Tech Help Desk System

incident-iq-top K12: What If You Could Streamline Your Districts Tech Help Desk System

Does your IT or Help department office look like this? Incident IQ can help

Incident IQ Is Saving Time and Making School Districts More Efficient Here’s How:

Technology in the classroom, the school and across the district is a great thing. We love the fact that more and more schools are switching to 1:1 models and even when they can’t, they’re adding as much technology as they can to the overall student experience.

Technology is improving outcomes for students in every measurable area (and some non-measurable areas). Technology from iPads, Chromebooks and software programs is helping students become more engaged, and focused. Students learn better with technology.

The downside is maintaining all of these devices and programs. Most schools are already budget strapped and if they’ve made the investment in a huge technology expenditure they often times don’t have the staffing to support it. We know of a school district with nearly 30,000 students and an IT support staff of five across several campuses, and they’re not alone.

Lexicon K-12 Solutions showed off Incident IQ at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio this past summer. Incident IQ is helping schools across the country streamline their helpdesk needs and simply get devices back into the hands of students, faster.  Incident IQ also gets users back onto Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) faster.

The platform, built for K-12 school systems is efficient for teachers, powerful for support teams and provides rich, relevant analytics for leaders. Districts of all sizes benefit from Incident IQ’s unification of help requests, asset management, user data, and knowledge sharing. Incident IQ’s desktop and mobile applications efficiently handle support workflows for hardware devices, software, online systems, and facilities management work requests.

In Fayette County Georgia, a school district of about 22,000 students, their SIS and LMS  specialists have quadrupled their productivity by using Incident IQ to effectively manage reporting and resolution of Blackboard and Infinite Campus help requests.

“There is absolutely no question that Incident IQ has greatly increased my productivity,” said Peggy Dillie, Fayette’s Blackboard LMS specialist. “I closed over 1,000 tickets in just two weeks [using Incident IQ] — it would’ve taken me a month to do half of that volume before, using our old system.”

In the past, Fayette’s systems for help desk ticketing were cumbersome — linear forms with few customization options and poor search capabilities often led to support staff “spending a disproportionate amount of time just getting to the root of each submitted issue,” Dillie said.

Incident IQ’s integration with SIS and LMS platforms via the IMS Global OneRoster standard streamlines efficient sharing of required support data and provides readily tailorable support ticket workflows. These features allowed Fayette staff members to create Infinite Campus and Blackboard help ticket workflows that empowered support specialists to resolve twice the amount of issues in just half the time it took using past systems.

“Our goal is to provide teachers and staff with the tools they need to get problems solved quickly. The faster support issues are resolved, the sooner educators can get back to their primary mission of teaching and facilitating learning,” said R.T. Collins, Vice President and General Manager of Lexicon K-12.

Get your students, teachers and administration back to learning faster, check out Incident IQ here. 

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