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Chromebooks Winning The 1:1 Device Market [infographic]

kajeet-1to1-top Chromebooks Winning The 1:1 Device Market [infographic]New Infographic From Kajeet Takes A Look At The Growing World of 1:1

If you’re in the K-12 education industry than you are no doubt familiar with the term “1:1”. School districts across the country are trying to figure out the smartest and best way to implement 1:1 initiatives in their schools, as early as kindergarten and in some cases even pre-k. 1:1 is when each student gets their own device, at least in the classroom, to participate in technology added curriculum and activity.

Kajeet is an edtech startup based in the Washington DC suburbs of Northern Virginia. The company started out trying to find the best way to get phones into the hands of kids and quickly evolved into fulfilling a huge need centered around the “digital divide”, a need they call the “homework gap”.

With laptops, tablets and other smart devices dominating the classrooms in schools today, Kajeet found a huge gap for these students, it was access to internet at home. While at times unintentional, teachers, schools and districts would assign homework to their students that required the use of the internet. Kajeet realized that even in some of the more affluent school districts, internet at home wasn’t an option. They fill this need with Kajeet hot spots for education, hotspots that can be sent home with students, tracked and filtered so that they can only access content that’s relevant to their education and age appropriate.

Kajeet keeps their fingers on the pulse of everything that has to do with education, internet, devices and most importantly access to the internet. They recently conducted a survey and compiled the results in an infographic called “The current state of 1:1, Technology in Schools Across the Country”.

They were able to reveal some interesting information when it comes to 1:1 initiatives across the country.

  • 1 in 4 educators want to improve, implement or continue a 1:1 program for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Not surprising, lack of funds is the number 1 hurdle to implementing a 1:1 program
  • Laptops are the most widely used devices in 1:1 programs, Chromebooks are the laptop leaders at 63%

One of the most interesting finds in Kajeet’s research is that 62% of schools send devices home with students but only 51% of those schools address students with no internet at home.¬†Educators that actually address that need either come early or stay late to work with students without internet, suggest public wifi like the library or a coffee shop or print out assignments.

Take a look at the revealing infographic below. Sure we realize that the infographic points directly to Kajeet, after all they created it. But what’s more important is that Kajeet is the only edtech company that is addressing this need in a cost effective way that affords students equal access to the education they deserve. Find out more about Kajeet here at kajeet.net

Kajeet will be at FETC 2018. Find more of our FETC 2018 coverage here.

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Here’s the infographic:

Kajeet-1-to-1-infographic Chromebooks Winning The 1:1 Device Market [infographic]