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CES 2016: She Put This iOT Device Where?




Littlebird-Top CES 2016: She Put This iOT Device Where?As we loaded into Eureka Park at CES on Monday we passed by a booth called Little Bird. We were intrigued by not the name, but the picture and just how far the Internet of Things and Bluetooth have gone.

LittleBird is a Bluetooth coWnnected sex toy for women. The creators of Little Bird, B-Sensory, a French Company (of course), say that Little Bird will let you read and feel. Let me explain.

When connected to a smartphone with the proper e-reader app Little Bird becomes an accessory to reading erotic fiction on a smartphone. As you’ll see in the demo video below, as the user reads an erotic novel, they will come across paragraphs that are blurry. When they touch the blurry text the device vibrates and stimulates the reader.

We got a chance to talk to B-Sensory CEO and founder, Christel Le Coq, in the video who explained how the Little Bird works.

The device is made up of the same medically safe materials that other, more traditional adult toys are made of. It also features 10 different levels of vibration and “sensation” as the team explained. Little Bird really brings the erotic fiction genre new life.

It’s been explained that people who enjoy erotic fiction get some stimulation from the act of reading the books. The Little Bird device provides a tactile feedback never before experienced.  Of course, women may choose to use the device without reading as a stand alone connected adult toy.

B-Sensory is a French company and the Little Bird is available for pre-order now. They hope to start shipping later this year.