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GTA V Lead Developer Eijah To Head MGT Technical Team

Demonsaw-MGT-Eijah GTA V Lead Developer Eijah To Head MGT Technical Team

Rockstar Programmer to Join MGT As CTO

In news that flew under the radar Thursday morning, MGT Capital Investments, the publicly traded company that is to be led by cyber security pioneer John McAfee, announced the acquihire of Demonsaw LLC. Demonsaw is led by former Rockstar games developer Eric “Eijah” Anderson.  Anderson has a proven track record across gaming, the hacker community and cyber security.

MGT announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to purchase assets from Demonsaw in a deal valued at over $40 million dollars.

MGT-Deomsaw-Eijah-JohnMcafee GTA V Lead Developer Eijah To Head MGT Technical TeamThe relationship between Eijah and John McAfee was highlighted last August by Forbes Magazine when they reported “What do you get when you cross John McAfee and GTA V…” Demonsaw is currently in it’s second version. The software allows for private, secure and anonymous file sharing and communication at a level not seen before in the technology space. It will pave the way to an enterprise product that will cause a major disruption to the VPN space.

MGT made waves earlier this month when they simultaneously announced the asset acquisition of another McAfee backed startup D-Vasive, as well as the pending appointment of McAfee as the CEO of the company that will bare his name, John McAfee global technologies.

Both men are viewed as pioneers in their industry. In addition to creating the first cyber security company, McAfee is also credited with being early in instant messaging with Tribal Voice and in a Twitter exchange back in September, top venture capitalist Mark Andreesen gave credit to McAfee for discovering what became the browser plugin, in the early days of Mosaic.

In addition to leading the teams at Rockstar Games behind GTA 3 (Grand Theft Auto 3), Max Payne 3 and GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5), Eijah spent time at Activision/Blizzard on several Guitar Heroes including Monsters of Rock. Before that he led an the first in house cyber security team at American Express.  Eijah has keynoted at Hack Miami as well as the legendary Defcon conference in Las Vegas, last year hosting a party with over 5,000 attendees looking to get face time with both Eijah and McAfee.

“Eijah is far more than a trusted confident and friend, his technical resume speaks for itself and he continues to impress me” McAfee said.

In his new role as CTO for MGT Eijah will oversee the teams working on technologies in the cyber security space.

Mcafee-Eijah-MGT-Capital GTA V Lead Developer Eijah To Head MGT Technical TeamMGT entered the technology space through the gaming industry with assets in fantasy sports and online gaming. They’ve made a big commitment to cyber security with their recent acquisitions and the announcement of both McAfee and Eijah to head their technology driven company.

“Artificial intelligence will be crucial to the next generation of cybersecurity systems. Eijah’s proposed appointment as Chief Technology Officer will cement our edge in the creation of cybersecurity products in this new paradigm of cyber threats.”

Mr. McAfee, said in a statement, “I want to reiterate my personal commitment towards the creation of a major force in cybersecurity. As a listed company with proper corporate governance and regulatory standards, MGT will be the vehicle I use to create wealth for all stockholders.”