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Drum Anywhere You Want To With Specdrums

Boulder Startup Lets You Drum Anywhere You Want To

specdrums-rings-top Drum Anywhere You Want To With Specdrums

People have been using their hands and fingers to beat along with a song since the beginning of time. It could be providing the backbeat to a friends guitar playing or hip hop freestyle. It could be, beating along with the radio or Spotify, or it could be beating to the song in your head (for me it was that). Imagine if your hands actually made drumming sounds.

A group of friends from Boulder Colorado knew there had to be a way to take that hand tapping and turn it into actual beats. So Steve Dourmashkin and Matthew Skeels set out to do just that. They’re the co-founders of Specdrums, the creator of Specdrums rings.

“I am a drummer and when I went to college I couldn’t bring my drum set with me. I found myself constantly tapping and wanted to turn my taps into music. I was inspired to create a portable music device that would allow me to play drums wherever I wanted. That’s how Specdrum rings came to be. Specdrum rings are extremely portable instruments that can be brought everywhere. You’re not limited by the weight or size of the instrument you want to play. Specdrums bring music to your fingertips.” Dourmashkin told

Specrdums allow you to play the drums, piano, guitar and a host of instruments with just your fingertips and the rings on.

“Specdrums are app-connected rings that transform the world’s color into sound. Just by tapping on different colors with a ring you can play the drums, piano, guitar, and other instruments any where wirelessly through our app, giving music no boundaries. Play on your clothes, drawings, graffiti walls, anywhere there is color; it’s music at your fingertips.” Dourmashkin said.

You can connect up to 10 Specdrum Rings to their mobile app (10 fingers, 10 rings get it). Then you just stat tapping colors to trigger sounds . You can easily change the colors, the instruments and the sounds by assigning them in the app or use printed keyboards or drum pads, colored drawings or anything else around you.

Once you’ve done all the assigning you can create drum kits. While it’s a lot of fun it has instrument functionality that’s unparalleled in any device currently on the market. You can even use Specdrum Rings to trigger instruments in professional music production software like Apple’s Garage Band or Ableton Live.

While Dourmashkin in the crew have created something fun to teach people about music, their use as a tool for real musicians isn’t lost. We’re sure Specdrum Rings are going to quickly become a favorite of electronic musicians and djs, I mean you can never have enough sample triggers.

Check out Specdrum Rings Here.