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Pharrell Williams Grindin’ With Roli As Chief Creative Officer

roland-lamb-pharrell-top Pharrell Williams Grindin' With Roli As Chief Creative Officer

Roland Lamb founder of Roli chats with new partner Pharrell Williams, partnership Feels, right (photo: Roli)

Innovative Musical Instrument Company Set To Drop It Like It’s Hot With Pharrell As New Chief Creative Officer.

There’s plenty for, Roli, the innovative musical instrument company based in the UK to be Happy about. The next generation instrument company, creators of the Beautiful, Seaboard, Roli Blocks and infamous Roli Noise app, are hoping to Get Lucky, with the introduction of Grammy award winning producer Pharrell Williams as the company’s new Chief Creative Officer.

In this new role, Williams will Change Clothes from musician, rapper, singer and producer to co-owner of an advanced musical hardware company.

roli-seaboard-3 Pharrell Williams Grindin' With Roli As Chief Creative OfficerThe company actually doesn’t need a lot of luck as they’ve created some of the most fun and sought after new music creation tools. Both the Seaboard and Roli Blocks offer limitless music possibilities when connected with their apps. When’s the last time you could pull a book sized device out of your backpack and actually create real, fun, danceable music.

When partnering someone with such a diverse and creative musical career with such an innovative and creative music company, there’s no Blurred Lines about the potential with Pharrell at the helm.

“Music touches all of us, and for a long time I’ve been passionate about finding ways to share the power of music with more people. When I met Roland and ROLI, I immediately felt we were working towards exactly the same goals, and so I’m super excited that we’re kicking off this partnership.” Williams said in a statement.

Roland Lamb, founder of namesake of Roli, didn’t want to be a Mr. Me Too, instead he added his own spin to the announcement that will have music fans shaking their Money Maker. “Our mission is to empower everyone to create music, and more broadly to empower people as creators. Pharrell is not just an extraordinary musician, he embodies creativity. His ideas will take us in exciting new directions, and we’re thrilled to share our first collaboration — the ‘Happy by Pharrell’ studiopack — today.”  Lamb said.

As Chief Creative Officer Pharrell will work with Roland to develop revolutionary new musical instruments that are iconic, digitally connected, and accessible to all. Their collaboration will accelerate the arc of innovation that began with the award-winning Seaboard and BLOCKS, which have been called “two of the most compelling music-making devices in recent memory.” As part of their long-term partnership, Pharrell will invest and become a co-owner of ROLI.

roli-noise-2 Pharrell Williams Grindin' With Roli As Chief Creative OfficerBefore they could, Pass The Courvoisier, Williams and Roli celebrated the launch of the new partnership by adding the free “Happy By Pharrell” studio pack to Roli’s Noise app, available in the iTunes app store here. Now, by touching the surface of a smartphone or ROLI instrument, fans can play around with the vocals, beats, and basslines that have made “Happy” a global hit. “Happy by Pharrell” is the first in a series of NOISE studiopacks that will let people recreate hit songs — or become inspired to take the elements of that song in a completely different direction.

Over the past year more music-makers than ever have played ROLI instruments. BLOCKS, a Lego-like system for music creation, launched in November 2016 to worldwide acclaim. The Seaboard Block and a next-generation Lightpad Block are the newest Blocks in the modular system, which empowers people to create songs and also customize the instrument on which they play it.

* Just like there was no credit for Pharrell for the Mysikal hit Shake Ya ass, there was no conceivable way to work that song title into this story. Find out more about Roli here.