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R-O-L-I Man, WuTang Clan Latest To Join Roli’s NOISE App

wutang-roli-top R-O-L-I Man, WuTang Clan Latest To Join Roli's NOISE App

Wu Tang Clan producer, Mathematics and Wu Tang member Rza talk about Roli’s Seaboard, and Lightpad Block, and their studio pack on the Noise App

The Coolest Connected Music Product For iOS Just Got Even Cooler With The Wu Tang Clan

If you’re an original Wu-head or one of these newbified Wu-heads created by the resurgence of t-shirts with their logos on them, or if you’re a “The Wire” fan than you’re probably down with everything that is Wu Tang. Classic hip hop enthusiasts and even today’s hipsters love the deep dirty sounds that master minds like Mathematics have been creating for Brooklyn’s centerpiece hip hop group for decades.

Roli, the most bad ass music product for iOS, just announced that Wu Tang: The Saga Continues studio packs are now available for the feature packed but easy to use Noise app, available in the iTunes App Store.

The Wu Tang: The Saga Continues studio pack features the sounds used by Mathematics in the clan’s latest hits: “People Say”, “Lesson Learn’d” and “My Only One”. All tracks off their latest album.

Now while you may be wondering, what about classic Wu sounds. The best part is that the same funky, deep soul, blues and jazz sounds on their latest album, are the same sounds that drove many of their biggest hits. Download the studio pack today and you can use the Noise app’s customization features to turn some of the keyboard and drum hits into very familiar sounds. There aer sounds from “Lesson Learn’d” that when tweaked just a little, are very reminiscent of M-E-T-H-O-D Man, and C.R.E.A.M.

Using Roli’s Seaboard and Light Block M, you can start crafting music the way some of the best producers in the world, do. This is the first announcement to come out of Roli since Pharell Williams was named Chief Creative Officer back in October.

Roli is on the cutting edge of electronic music, hip hop and most other genres with their custom musical instruments that fit in your backpack but give you the same power as an original Akai MPC or a Yamaha Motif. And it’s all done through your phone or tablet.

Check out the new Wu studio pack here, bad ass Wu Tang Name like Rza, Method Man or Ole Dirty Bastard not included.