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Andrew Mason Turning The World Into A Museum With New Startup, Detour

AndrewMason Andrew Mason Turning The World Into A Museum With New Startup, Detour


If the name Andrew Mason sounds familiar to you, it’s for good reason. Mason was the young executive that quickly became the fall guy after Groupon’s epic rise to fame and stardom and dramatic drop to startup mediocrity. Many believe that Mason was set up. Founders everywhere thought that Mason was brilliant, the truth lay somewhere in the middle.

When Mason was finally forced to resign from Groupon two years ago this month, he penned an epic farewell memo that was even Rap Geniused for the world to see.

At one point it was reported that he was going to release some kind of music album. Now we hear he’s putting recording to good use with his new startup called Detour.

Detour is an audio tour startup that is looking to turn the entire world into a museum. Hopefully, with Mason’s drive, determination and resources he will be successful in that quest. Right now though, he’s started the company with seven different San Francisco expeditions that explore the city rather than just one museum at a time.

“Most of the audio tours that exist today are about what’s popular inside museums,” Mason told The Spec. “So what we are trying to do is turn the world into a museum.”

The Spec reports that Mason actually had the idea for Detour before he even joined Groupon, which started as a socially focused startup and he pivoted to become the hottest thing in the deals space, for a minute. Mason became bothered by the fact that most audio tours were mundane and involved going sight seeing with other people.

While he hasn’t gone the crowdsourced route yet, you won’t just hear Mason’s voice when touring San Francisco with the Detour app. One of the tours is narrated by Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow.

The technology behind the app does tap into the users location but that’s only so they can stay on track, even if the listeners should decide to take a detour, say for lunch or a movie. The app also allows several users to listen off of the same device in case they are into those group tours.

Mason immediately wants to expand to other major cities like LA, New York, Austin, Paris and London and will gradually expand out after that.

The Spec reports that Mason may take a break leading up to the holidays though, to give the world a holiday album. The once keyboardist in a punk band, released an album after hist departure from Groupon called, Hardly Working. “I feel like I need to gift the world with my take on ‘Jingle Bells,'” he told The Spec.