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Are iPhone X Users Trading Up To Samsung Galaxy S9?

smsung-galaxys9-top Are iPhone X Users Trading Up To Samsung Galaxy S9?Trade In Sites Seeing An Unprecedented Surge In Current iPhone Trade Ins

We’ve been reporting on smartphones for over a decade. It’s how we got our start with In the over 10 years that we’ve been reporting on smartphones the two major smartphone companies have become a bit predictable. Apple releases their annual flagship device in September and Samsung releases their annual flagship at Mobile World Congress the following February.

This year Apple threw everyone for a loop when they released both the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X as a ten year anniversary model. The Silicon Valley giant opted to put the biggest of the bells and whistles on the iPhone X and release it a month after the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, with all three models available before the holiday season.

Analysts and journalists alike, noticed that the uptick in iPhone X was probably not going according to plan. iPhone X was available at Apple stores, Best Buy stores and their other major partners, right up until Christmas week. Something the company hadn’t experienced before.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been content with the spring release. Their customer loyalists are accustomed to the schedule and upgrade like clockwork. This year’s Galaxy S9 has a handful of refined features, and many sites, as always, feel the Samsung variant is a tad bit more progressive than even the iPhone X.

Worldwide there is a sizable group of people that just need and want the absolute latest in technology. They spend half the year with the newest iPhone and the other half with the newest Samsung Galaxy device. This year however, trade in sites are noticing a massive surge in people trading their iPhone X’s in for the Samsung Galaxy S9, moreso than ever before, in the release cycle.

“With Samsung’s flagship phone for 2018 finally available, we’ve seen that many of our customers who want the latest tech are trading in their existing devices to put the money towards an upgrade. Since the S9 announcement at Mobile World Congress, we’ve seen an incredible 110 percent increase in the trade-ins of smartphones – something we’d previously only seen around Apple device launches.” Liam Howley, CMO at said.

“Interestingly, there has been a bigger increase in the number of iPhone trade-ins in the past few weeks,” said Howley, “In particular, we have seen a spike in people selling their iPhone X’s to us. Delving into why customers are trading in these handsets, many users have stated that they are simply looking to move to a Samsung device for a number of reasons including the fact that they wanted a larger screen as well as a better camera- something that the S9 prides itself on.”

Typical of this time of year, Declutttr is also seeing an uptick in trade-ins on previous iPhone models dating back to iPhone 6/6+ and Samsung models going back to S7.

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