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Atlanta’s MailChimp Joins Alliance To Boost Media Skills Training For Diverse Teens

atl-alliance-thirdrail-top Atlanta's MailChimp Joins Alliance To Boost Media Skills Training For Diverse Teens

Atlanta Media Giants including startup giant, MailChimp, form alliance to spur diverse young people’s interest in media careers (photo: Third Rail Studios via Youtube)

MailChimp Joins; Turner, Spanx, Pinewood Studios and More, In Alliance Boosting Media Skills Training For Diverse Teens

There are quite a few organizations and alliances across the country that have joined forces to help spark interest in training in STEM/STEAM careers for students and teenagers. Many of these organizations have taken a specialized interest in training diverse and under-represented students in these essential skills towards the careers of the future, or career readiness.

There is another industry that is severely under-represented by female and minority students and young adults. Believe it or not, its the media industry.

A large shift in the media landscape, including the consolidation of broadcast networks, both radio and television, have caused a near drought of young talent in film, music, broadcast and digital media.

Atlanta Georgia is a major hub for media companies, film production and music creation. Companies like Turner (TNN/TNT/CNN etc), Cox Media Group, Cumulus Media and several others, sit as the pillars of industry in one of the nation’s largest cities. Atlanta is a city ripe for future creators across any media.

With that in mind the Arthur M Blank Family Foundation along with media giants like Turner, Spanx, Pinewood Studios, AT&T and more have joined the re:imagine/ATL alliance to infuse money for resources, equipment, resources and mentors designed to boost media job skills for diverse teens.

The companies, along with the likes of Atlanta startup giant MailChimp, have pledged nearly half a million dollars to get this program off the ground. MailChimp is currently one of the most widely used email marketing platforms in the world, but started as a small startup in Atlanta.

Turner, is the company originally founded by Ted Turner that owns cable giants CNN, TNT, TNN and more. Turner is one of the largest media companies in the country and have consistently given back to the Atlanta community in other ways. With this announcement they’re firmly planting a seed and sowing the roots for the next Ted Turner’s of the world, both male, female and of any race or origin.

“Corporate investment in our future workforce is absolutely critical,” said Betsy Holland, Turner’s Director of Culture & Engagement, in a statement. “Engaging directly with young creatives, and preparing them with the necessary skills, will ensure relevancy and authenticity for Turner.”

The alliance is part of re:imagine/ATL and came from a need Founder and Executive Director Susana Spiccia found during re:imagine/ATL’s first four years.

“Everyone has a story. At the time I did not have the ability to teach the production skills we were sharing with students, so I became dependent on professionals in the industry to help instruct,” she shares. “This network of professional storytellers has tremendously grown amongst the freelance community and the companies themselves.”

Spiccia sees the alliance as a win-win for the young diverse people of Atlanta and the media giants that have participated so graciously.

“If companies meet these creative minds when they are young, they will spend less energy recruiting, build more company loyalty, and tap into an innovative workforce representing more of the people these companies are trying to reach.” she said.

Our friends at hypepotamus report that Georgia recently surpassed California as the #1 state for feature films with e-sports and the gaming industry not far behind. The time is right, now, for an alliance like this.

Atlanta’s Third Rail Studios is one of the studios that is benefiting from the alliance. With the help of funding and resources from the Alliance, Third Rail has been able to launch a high school internship program and are hoping this alliance sparks other studios to create similar programs.

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