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Beam by Remedy: A New Glass Healthcare app For Doctors

For all of the early talk about Google Glass, you would think the World would have changed in a drastic way by now. Well, it has. It has just not been as visible as many analysts and pundits would have liked. One company, Remedy, just unveiled a new Glass app that could potentially change the healthcare industry forever: Beam.

Thus far, the majority of Glass apps for healthcare have been all together too bulky and intrusive. Remedy, rather than incorporating all of a patients vitals and other such data, takes a more simplistic approach:

Beam™ enables the physician with the patient to capture and sync clinically relevant media to a specialist’s screen. The specialist can asynchronously reply with a diagnosis that gets pushed to Glass’s display, or, in urgent cases, discuss treatment options synchronously over a live video call. Beam allows a specialist to see through the eyes of the physician on scene and guide them through a procedure, a treatment plan, or a diagnosis. With Remedy’s secure HIPAA compliant platform, clinicians are able to collaborate more meaningfully and more often.1

Beam, then, acts as a more interactive patient file. Rather than lugging around huge files, and calling a patients other physicians, Beam makes all of this information readily available to the user. Essentially, Remedy and Beam aim to cut the time doctors spend on the administrative tasks down, or even eliminate it all together. This is one of those advances Google was hoping for when they launched Glass.