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Beer Delivery Startups Hit Baltimore

drizly Beer Delivery Startups Hit BaltimoreFood delivery startups are getting to be quite familiar, but what if you want some liquor to make the evening just right?

In Baltimore Maryland you can now use alcohol delivery apps to have alcohol delivered right to  your front door. Technically Baltimore reports that not one, but two, new alcohol delivery apps are opening up shop in charm city.

Boston based Drizly has just opened up shop in Baltimore, and home grown Brewber is preparing to embark on a similar task of helping people that can’t get to the liquor store, have the liquor store come to them.

brewber-2 Beer Delivery Startups Hit BaltimoreBoth startups have cooperated with the city so that they can set up shop. While some may frown upon the idea of having a liquor delivery app/service, it actually makes sense and can be a safer alternative than having someone go out on a “run” after they’ve already consumed alcohol.

Both apps also go through painstaking steps to make sure that their representatives are fully trained and have the best tools at their disposal.

“Deliveries are made by store employees, each of whom have a Drizly-issued cell phone with a separate app that provides customer details, and scanning software to check IDs. They also have an ID guide, and the right to refuse service if anything doesn’t seem right.

“Basically what we’re trying to do is give them as many of the tools as they can,” Bryan Goodwin Drizly Vice President of Sales and Retail Partnerships told Technically Baltimore. 
Drizly has been in operation since 2012 and Baltimore is their 12th market. Both apps promise to deliver liquor in under one hour. Brewber is going to set themselves apart from their competition by being home grown and by selling cocktail kits to help customers prepare cocktails at home.