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Birmingham EdTech Startup Acquired By The Advisory Board Company

gradesfirst_logo Birmingham EdTech Startup Acquired By The Advisory Board CompanyA Birmingham Alabama startup that help administrative offices on college campuses organize advising, tutoring, and also monitoring of student athlete eligibility has announced that they’ve been acquired by The Advisory Board Company.

The startup, called GradesFirst, will join ABC’s flagship Education Advisory Board technology membership, the Student Success Collaborative.

GradesFirst is really about helping support staff identify and help at-risk students and improves retention which is at the core of most higher education institutions. The companies core competencies are in advising management, tutoring management, predictive analytics, early alert, and athletics.  That meant that GradesFirst fits in perfectly with other companies under the Advisory Board Company umbrella.

“The deal came about when each company realized quickly that our products are very much like peanut butter and jelly,” said GradesFirst CEO Mario Moore told the Birmingham Business Journal. “They complimented each other so very well, and the same can be true of our similar mission and values. We couldn’t be more excited to join the EAB family and partner with a company that shares our mission of serving students by maximizing the impact of academic advising.”

GradesFirst will continue to operate out of Birmingham where it was founded in 2006.