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Blink Health Giving Away $10 Million Dollars Worth Of Diabetes Medication

New York Startup, Blink Health, Giving Away $10 Million Dollars Worth Of Diabetes Medication

Blinkhealth-top Blink Health Giving Away $10 Million Dollars Worth Of Diabetes MedicationHealthcare is a tricky thing, especially prescription coverage. In 2008 I was personally glad to get ObamaCare. It’s not like I couldn’t afford my own healthcare, but having type-2 diabetes meant that prior to ObamaCare no carrier would take me for an even quasi-affordable monthly amount, because of a pre-existing condition. As more and more health insurance companies are dealing with the changes in the administration, people are once again finding themselves without healthcare.

Blink Health, a New York based health startup, has created an online platform that sources and partners with pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to offer great pricing on prescription medications. In some case meds are free. The company doesn’t discriminate you don’t need to be on pubic assistance to sign up, heck the sign up process takes a minute and a half and asks 0 (that’s zero) demographic questions. Nothing about income, nothing. It’s just a way for everyday people to save money on medication. The company knows that even great people with great jobs and careers sometimes can’t secure the benefits of prescription coverage.

In perusing their site I quickly found that most of the meds I take (outside of my diabetes meds) were 25-40% lower than even the best price on GoodRx. Many with chronic health problems know the GoodRx game all too well, you find a deal and then you have to go through the hassle of moving your prescriptions all over town.

Blink Health has partnered with thousands of top named pharmacies across the country to bring it’s money saving program to life.

On Wednesday the company announced that they were giving away $10 million dollars worth of the most common diabetes medications for Type 2 diabetics.

People living with diabetes who create an account on Blink Health’s website or free mobile app, starting today, will receive a free, one-year supply of the three most commonly prescribed generic medications for type-2 diabetes: metformin, glipizide and pioglitazone. The program will also cover these three medications for existing Blink Health patients who use them.

As part of Blink Health’s ongoing commitment to support people who are living with diabetes, the #TreatType2 program is designed to help the largest population of people managing this condition. Of the nearly 29 million Americans with diabetes, approximately 95 percent have been diagnosed with type 2. [1]

Blink Health will provide the free medications to everyone until it has committed to spending $10 million on the medications.  Any patient with a prescription for any or all of these three medications is eligible to receive medication for free. There is no cost to join Blink Health, and medication can be picked up at over 57,000 pharmacies nationwide, including Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Target, and most independent pharmacies and grocers.

The $10 million commitment is based on Blink’s cost to purchase the medication and represents savings for consumers of up to $80 million, based on the retail prices of these medications for one year.

“Diabetes is a growing epidemic that affects 1 in 11 Americans, and Blink Health is committed to doing all it can to help patients manage this chronic illness,” said Geoffrey Chaiken, Co-Founder and CEO of Blink Health. “We have seen far too many people who are struggling to afford prescription medication, and we’ve launched this program to help address the problem one patient at a time.”

In April, Blink Health raised $90 million to drive innovations that accelerate its mission of making prescription medications affordable and transparently priced for everyone in the U.S.  With this $10 million commitment, Blink Health is using a substantial portion of these funds to directly help hundreds of thousands of people living with diabetes, who have health care costs 2.3 times greater, on average, than those without diabetes. [2]

Chaiken added, “Blink Health is committed to supporting people with diabetes through the #TreatType2 program and through our groundbreaking insulin discount program with many of Eli Lilly’s insulin products.  If you have diabetes – or if you know someone who does – sign up for Blink Health today. When you use Blink Health, you are joining a growing network of Americans who are tired of overpaying for their medications. Together, we are able to negotiate with pharmacies to determine one low price for each medication that is accepted at over 57,000 pharmacies nationwide.  The more people who join the ‘Blink Health Nation,’ the better our overall discounts will be.”

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  • Jeanne

    Great medication. In July of 2016. it was discovered that I got type 2 diabetes, By the end of the July month. I was given a prescription for the Metformin, I stated with the ADA diet and followed it completely for several weeks but was unable to get my blood sugar below 140, Without results to how for my hard work. I really panicked and called my doctor. His response?? Deal with it yourself, I started to feel that something wasn’t right and do my own research, Then I found Lisa’s great blog (google ” HOW EVER I FREED MYSELF FROM THE DIABETES ” ) .. I read it from cover to cover and I started with the diet and by the next morning. my blood sugar was 100, Since then. I get a fasting reading between the mid 70s and 80s, My doctor was very surprised at the results that. the next week. he took me off the Metformin drug, I lost 30 pounds in my first month and lost more than 6 inches off my waist and I’m able to work out twice a day while still having lots of energy. The truth is that we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods..