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Boston Startup Openbay partners with AutoZone

On Wednesday, Openbay – a Cambridge, MA startup – announced that they had agreed to a partnership with AutoZone. The partnership is a perfect marriage of services. Openbay is an online service and app that allows users to look for, book, and pay for automotive service and repair. AutoZone, as you are no doubt aware, is one of the countries largest automotive parts retailer. The partnership will, “enable Boston-area consumers to comparison shop for and book automotive repair and maintenance services with a network of local professionals directly from”1

Openbay Boston Startup Openbay partners with AutoZone

Openbay’s service is quite unique. The Boston Business Journal offered a pretty solid rundown of the platform and how to use it:

Customers using Openbay can submit their auto repair or maintenance requests to the company’s website or mobile app. Openbay then contacts its network of reputable auto professionals within a five- to seven-mile radius of the customer, and customers receive several competitive service offers. Customers then book a service as they would book a flight or hotel, and some providers can work on cars in customers’ driveways or at their office.2

The AutoZone/Openbay partnership will most certainly be a benefit to both parties. Although the partnership is slated for Boston, it is hardly a leap to say that if it proves to be a successful one, AutoZone will gradually expand outward. Rob Infantino, founder & CEO of Openbay, made a statement about the new deal:

While the relationship is a logical one, it’s thrilling that our startup has earned the attention and trust of AutoZone, a publicly traded Fortune 500 company. Openbay is gaining momentum, thanks to our innovative, hassle-free approach to auto repair.3

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