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California Did More Venture Funding Then The Rest Of The Country Combined

USVenture California Did More Venture Funding Then The Rest Of The Country CombinedHere at Nibletz we are definitely crusaders to support the “rise of the rest” and startups “everywhere else”. We specifically highlight founders and startups that start where they are or who move to other locations that are better set up to handle their needs, rather than heading out to the hollywood of startups, Silicon Valley.

As hard as everyone is trying to show that great technology exists outside of Silicon Valley, reports like this show that there’s still a lot of room to grow.  CB Insights just recently crunched the numbers for 2014 and again California’s venture funding eclipsed the rest of the country and Washington DC. Specifically the state of California did $26.84 billion in venture deals while the rest of the country only did $20.46 billion. Believe it or not though, these numbers are up over 30% from just 4 years ago.

As a whole the country did $47.3 billion in venture deals, passing the previous venture funding record set in the dotcom boom back in 2001.

In California the highest amount of venture deals were in seed funding rounds at 28% just a point over Series A rounds that came in at 27% of the dollars. In 2013 30% of the venture deals done in California were in Series A rounds while seed funding rounds were just over 26%.

The biggest recipient of venture capital in California in 2014 was Uber who came in with a whopping $2.4 billion dollars in venture capital in a Series D and Series E funding round.

Across the country mobile funding hit a record of $7.8 billion.

New York had a breakout year in 2014 with over $1 billion dollars in VC deals.