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Chattanooga Gets Is Own Version Of Silicon Valley, Featuring Variable

Chattanooga1 Chattanooga Gets Is Own Version Of Silicon Valley, Featuring VariableVariable is an amazing Chattanooga startup that’s done some really wild things with smartphones and sensors. In fact they were bringing a device to market that turned your smartphone and a small cylindrical sensor into an amazing testing apparatus, called NODE.

They made waves over the last couple of years in Tennessee, even winning the Inaugural Southland Tennessee Conference in Nashville. To some the technology seemed way before it’s time. Now, everyone is talking about the importance of sensors and mobile devices.

“Variable, Inc. has created a sensor platform that allows users to precisely monitor temperature, color, motion and much more with an affordable handheld device. This wireless sensor will allow consumers to make smarter decisions faster, and WTCI is excited to tell their Chattanooga story.” The Chattanoogan Reported

While Mike Judge insists that the show “Silicon Valley” is based on startup culture in Silicon Valley (and for the most part it is), WTCI, Chattanooga’s PBS station, is taking a more humane look at what makes Chattanooga such a great and innovative community and calls their take on the local startup scene, The Leap.

Chattanooga has always been a progressive city. They paved the way for municipal 1gb fiber networks ahead of Google and Kansas City. In fact the startup and technology canvas that Chattanooga has set has been copied in other communities, even Opelika Alabama. 

Chattanooga is producing real hits though when it comes to statups. While there won’t be any drug, alcohol, or caffeine induced frenzies on the WTCI show, it will chronicle the hard work people like the Team at Variable, are putting in.

You can find these videos online here and here.