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Chicago Startup Teams Up With Chance The Rapper For Kids

Chance The Rapper Teams Up With Chicago Startup LANDR To Offer Audio Mastering Classes To Chicago Kids

Chance-the-rapper-tweet-top Chicago Startup Teams Up With Chance The Rapper For Kids

Self made mega superstar, Chance The Rapper, is all about helping the kids of Chicago. Earlier this year when the artist was turned off by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was dragging his feet on school funding, he wrote the Chicago Public Schools a check for $1 million dollars. Chance The Rapper, who’s real name is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett is also a huge proponent of artists being able to make and create music himself. He was able to rise to fame by recording and releasing his first album independently.

With both of those things in mind, there is a startup in Chicago called LANDR. It’s a group of musicians that created a tool two years ago that masters people’s recordings via the cloud. The platform also uses AI to learn an artists “digital footprint” and adjust levels, compression, EQ, stereo enhancement and more. LANDR’s software than makes intelligent frame by frame micro-adjustments to master a recording, often times exceeding the levels of commercially available brick and mortar studios.  The startup just celebrated it’s 1 millionth user.

Together, Chance The Rapper, and LANDR have teamed up through his  SocialWorks Chicago organization, to give 75 Chicago area kids free mastering classes, teaching kids how to produce their own music.

In addition to this initiative to give children free classes on producing their own music, LANDR has committed to donate $1 for every new user that masters a track from June 6th to June 20th, to SocialWorks Music Academy.

You can check out LANDR here.