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Cincy-based Casamatic expanding into 10 new markets

After closing a $1.1 million seed round earlier this month, Cincinnati-based Casamatic is looking to expand its operations to ten new cities by the summer. Casamatic – a graduate of both The Brandery and Ocean Accelerator – has built a unique platform that helps people find their perfect house. Rather than offering users a huge list or map of available homes, Casamatic takes a more personalized approach.

Casa Cincy-based Casamatic expanding into 10 new markets

Casamatic uses a data driven approach to help people find their next home. The whole process begins with the user. Casamatic asks users questions about a wide rage of preferences: what foods do you like? Do you want to live close to family or friends? How long of a commute do you want? How important are public school ratings? What style of home do you want? And so on. The platform then runs the answers against various public data sources: census info, school ratings, crime data, and online platforms like Yelp.

quiz-1024x454 Cincy-based Casamatic expanding into 10 new markets


Currently, Casamatic operates in the Cincinnati and Dayton markets in Ohio, and in Chicago, IL. According to the Cincinnati Business Courier, “Casamatic plans to launch in 10 new cities including Phoenix; Charlotte, N.C.; Raleigh, N.C.; Columbus; Nashville, and the Los Angeles region in the next two months.”1

The expansion is no small task. When moving to a new market, the company has to hire a whole team of freelance experts to source and provide more info about homes. Also, Casamatic partners with local real estate companies:

In addition to local experts, launching in a new city requires partnering with a real estate agency on the ground that can work with users to show properties. Casamatic not only allows users to find properties for sale that meet their preferences but will set them up with an available real estate agent to show them the property ASAP.2

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