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Craft Brewery Subscription Startup Launches Today

Los Angeles Startup CraftX Is For The Beer Connoisseur, Launches Today.

craftx-top Craft Brewery Subscription Startup Launches Today

Over the last ten years, there’s been a huge rise in the amount of breweries and tap rooms across the country. In 2006 there were less than 1500 craft breweries across the country. In 2016, there were over 4,000 according to Draft Magazine.  The entrepreneurship rise across the country, coupled with crowdfunding has turned some of the best home brewers into local brewery owners. A tremendous amount of them have managed to stay in business.

There are websites and lists all over the internet that will point craft brew lovers to the destinations with some of the country’s best beers. These are beers that you can only get at the brewery itself, until now.

Thanks to the brilliance of founders Steve Ezell and Ted Hamory, craft beer loves won’t have to travel thousands of miles to track down some great, authentic, and original brews. Their startup, CraftX , will deliver them to their door.

CraftX is putting the subscription model spin on the craft brew industry. Each month, members will receive 12 cans of craft beers from across the country. Beers not available in their local beer store, or on tap at their favorite haunt. The CraftX team will supervise the canning process and make sure that the beers were canned in a timely fashion before they head out the door.

The service costs $60 a month which puts the beer at a good for $5.00 per pint. Most craft breweries sell their best beer for $5-8 per pint, making CraftX just as affordable as drinking on site. The company also promises to send out information on the beers themselves, where they come from, how their made and what distinguishes each beer from one another. True beer connoisseurs will be able to customize their monthly allotment through CraftX’s website at CraftXbeer.com 

Sign ups open today (May 22, 2017) so if you’re a beer lover make sure you go to their website and sign up. The first 500 signups will get $10 off and free delivery.