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Cubspot The Amazon For Camps and Classes Is Closing Down

A Year After Unveiling The Amazon For Camps And Classes, Cubspot Closes In Acquisition

Cubspot-1 Cubspot The Amazon For Camps and Classes Is Closing Down

Cubspot founder Rachael Shayne took to the company’s blog and an email to registered users to explain that the company is shutting down. The Boulder startup was onto something special. They had developed a software platform that allowed busy parents the ability to research and sign their kids up for camps, classes and other activities from the comfort of their own homes.

The powerful marketplace software was great for the model Shayne had set out to create. However, they realized, quickly, that building out a platform to superserve parents and families across the country was too robust. Scaling the startup, and sustaining a profitable business model proved to be more challenging than originally thought.

One of Cubspot’s partners has agreed to acquire the marketplace software platform.

“While we still love the original idea, it was not robust enough to sustain and grow a business. But the technology we built was (and is) pretty incredible. Left with a choice of taking care of our employees and exiting gracefully or pressing on despite the market indicators, we chose to take care of our people. Thank you for the incredible support you offered us in so many ways it’s hard to count. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.” Shayne said.

The Cubspot platform will be disabled at the end of May and users will no longer have access to their data.

“All user accounts and associated family members will be removed from Cubspot-owned systems. This personally identifiable information will not be shared or sold with any third parties. Your information has been, and always will be, safe with us.” Shayne said.

There is still a decent sized market for a camp platform. Atlanta startup SportsID is helping parents, students and coaches find sports camps.

You can see the official Cubsport announcement here. 

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