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Durex to Launch “The Future of Sex” in the Coming Days

On Wednesday, Durex – the top condom brand in the world – teased an upcoming product, “that could revolutionize our sex lives.”1 This product tease comes on the heels of the formation of Durexlabs, “the company’s first significant step into the digital field helping to embrace changing social behaviors and the paradigm of intimacy with mobile technology.”2 This push into digital is being driven by a partnership between Durex and Susie Lee. Lee is the CEO Siren Mobile, a unique on the ubiquitous dating app. That said, Lee is much more that a CEO of a tech company, which explains the partnership with Durex:

This mobile technology creation that Durexlabs will announce was developed through a partnership with tech entrepreneur Susie Lee, CEO of Siren Mobile. As a leader in the world of mobile technology, Lee’s expertise as a biochemist, biophysicist and visual artist has helped to bring a fresh perspective to Durexlabs’ on evolving relationships with mobile technology.3

Durex-Siren Durex to Launch "The Future of Sex" in the Coming Days

Though details about this new product have been scarce, a few things can be gleaned from the press release. Take a look at these two statements:

With our deep understanding of arousal and the impulses involved, it was only natural for us to look at how we could combine intimacy with digital technology.
-Richard Arnold, Durex Head of Research and Development4

It’s been such an incredibly exciting process working with Durexlabs. Through the proliferation of smart phones, social media and dating apps, technology has proven a hugely successful medium in bringing people together and maintaining close relationships. With Durexlabs we are taking the next vital step by embracing technology to amplify human connection in the bedroom and improve sex lives.
Susie Lee, CEO of Siren Mobile5

So, while we may not have any solid details, it seems a given that it will involve mobile in some way.  If you are interested in signing up for the beta, check out Durexlab’s homepage.