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FiscalNote just raised $10M to take on lobbying

Political lobbying is a massive industry. According to OpenSecrets, in 2015 alone, more than $3.2 billion was spent lobbying congress. It is important to note, this figure is only the publicly available, reported amount. While, certainly, there are some questionable lobbying practices in the U.S., the main reason that business, initiatives, individuals, and many other entities employ lobbyists is to get a closer look at the legislative agenda in Washington. Well one startup, FiscalNote, just raised a $10 million Series C round to help improve and expand their legislative analytics platform, taking on the lobbying industry.

FiscalNote is much more than a simple bill tracking platform. Essentially, FiscalNote grabs public info and data from government websites, and runs it through various algorithms to determine the viability of, as well as the potential economic impact of a bill across various industry sectors. What’s more, the platform does so in real time, with more than 94% accuracy.1

FiscalNote is recognized for its powerful legislative searching, tracking, and forecasting platform as well as its federal and state regulations data and analytics. FiscalNote is the first government risk platform to offer a mobile application, allowing users to access and analyze every bill at every stage from all fifty states, D.C. and Congress on their phones. All these offerings tie to the company’s mission – empowering organizations to take control of their government strategy.2

According to a release, FiscalNote will use the funding to grow its client base, and to expand internationally.