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Google Acquires Photo Service Odysee

On Monday, Google acquired Odysee, “a library that holds all your videos and photos, and lets you easily archive, access, and share them.”1 The company’s offering – an iOS and Android app – focus on power users. That is, users that take a ton of photos and videos. Specifically though, Odysee focuses (or focused) on users who want the option to save their photos and videos in their full resolution.

Odysee-Closing Google Acquires Photo Service Odysee

Where Odysee departs from the norm, however, is in the way they handle storage. Rather than uploading your videos to one of the many cloud storage providers, or building out their own cloud storage, Odysee has devised a unique approach. The company allows you to use storage on your own PC:

Odysee lets you use space on your PC as cloud-storage for archiving your videos and photos without worrying about the PC being off or behind a slow internet link. Odysee automatically uploads from your phone, saves originals to your PC, syncs memories to all devices, and shares with followers.

We are the first personal cloud that solves the reliability and performance issues with using your home PC as your cloud. Odysee uses a smart online cache to provide users reliable access to all their content even when their PC is offline or behind very slow and unreliable internet connections.2

Google- Google Acquires Photo Service Odysee

According to Odysee’s website, they will be joining the Google+ team. This may hint at the future of Google+. There have been reports since early last year that Google may spin-off its Photos app into a standalone service. As it currently stands, Photos is already semi-autonomous, but it still requires a Google+ account. Photos already has a ton of features and options, but it lacks the sort of save to PC functionality that Odysee offers. Other than building out its features, it is hard to say what Google has planned for both Photos and Google+. As for Odysee, It has been pulled from the app stores, but will remain in service until Feb 23.