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LA Startup Ground Control Partners With VP Joe Biden For NextGen PodCast

bidensbriefing-top LA Startup Ground Control Partners With VP Joe Biden For NextGen PodCastEveryone’s Favorite Political Meme Is Coming To Google Assistant and Alexa

Over the summer, serial entertainment, creative and audio entrepreneur Mike Macadaan launched a new Los Angeles based startup called Ground Control. The founder, backed with experience at AOL, Fox and the company that brought Dollar Shave Club to prominence is using artificial intelligence and more to bring the next generation podcast to market now.

Ground Control creates audio experiences that can trace their roots back to the podcast and mixes in artificial intelligence for an entirely new experience, one that should be welcomed by many.

“The proliferation of voice interface platforms speaks to the growing audience that’s looking for new ways to compute,” said Ground Control CEO Mike Macadaan. “Our voices and minds have greatly reduced the need for computer screens, keyboards, and other aging computing tools. This exciting new phase is a milestone in the advancement of personal computing.”

On Monday, Ground Control announced that Joe Biden has joined them for “Biden’s Briefing”.

“This past summer we had the distinct honor and privilege to partner with Vice President Joe Biden on a new audio experience. We call this “narrative news” and it’s a new format, designed for interactive voice devices by Amazon, Google, and Apple. This means it’s conversational so you can ask your smart speaker questions like “what’s Joe Biden reading about technology?” All of the news is read back to you and handpicked by Joe Biden. You can also listen to his curated program on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and TuneIn. See all ways to access the curated news here.” the company said on their blog.

The programs will run between 3-15 minutes daily on articles that the former Vice President finds interesting.

“I’m pleased to share my latest project, ‘Biden’s Briefing,’” says Vice President Joe Biden. “Each edition of the briefing will feature articles, essays and posts that made an impression on me and that I feel are important to share. It isn’t just a collection of stories I’ve enjoyed, it’s part of a much bigger conversation. The world is changing quickly, and now more than ever we need to broaden our perspective and be better informed. These briefings include a range of thoughts and opinions, some of which I agree with and some I don’t, but all of which I think are important to spend some time thinking about.”

Biden’s Briefing is a collaborative effort between the former Vice President, Ground Control, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and New York based voice platform SpokenLayer.

The first 25 episodes are available on iTunes here, To get the full experience head over here for the Biden’s Briefing Amazon skill

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