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Mega Startup Conference In Alabama Running Out Of Tickets

With a list of speakers that includes Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell, McAfee Anti Virus founder John McAfee, Brock Pierce, two time Shark Tank contestant and entrepreneur of the year Jason Lucash and many more, you would think we were talking  about a conference that costs thousands of dollars and is in Silicon Valley or New York. That’s probably why is almost out of early bird tickets. is assembling world renowned entrepreneurs, startup founders, angel investors, Bitcoin and tech enthusiasts in Opelika Alabama.

If you’re scratching you’re head and saying “Where” you’re probably not alone, but that’s why the conference organizers call the event “H-con” in the first place, because “H” is the letter in the middle of the word NoWhere.  Be that as it may though this conference is shaping up to be a doozy to rival conferences like Demo, Launch, even re/code and Everywhere Else.

Attendees are expected from across the United States and the world, to hear keynotes, fireside chats, round table discussions and more from a speaker line up that rivals conferences typically found in Silicon Valley, Las Vegas and New York City. #Hcon takes its name from the letter in the middle of the word nowHere, picked by Round House Founder, Conductor, and conference organizer, Kyle Sandler to accent the fact that startups are starting everywhere and not just Silicon Valley. “Startups from across the country have started to take notice of their immediate surroundings by looking inward to their communities, it’s happening here in Opelika and everywhere else” Sandler said.

Over 20 speakers will be announced between now and when the conference kicks off April 14th 2015 in Downtown Opelika

hcon-speakers Mega Startup Conference In Alabama Running Out Of TicketsSome of the Featured Speakers

Nolan Bushnell the founder of Atari and Chuck E Cheese’s and the pioneer with the foresight to give Steve Jobs his first job.

Brock Pierce the serial entrepreneur, angel investor and pioneer of cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

John McAfee founder of McAfee anti-virus, Future Tense Central and Autonomous Armor, will participate in multiple panel discussions.

“Phenomenal atmosphere with an amazing community! Round House is the place for creative tech startups” said Mcafee

At the writing of this article there were 20 early bird tickets left. You can buy tickets, book hotel information and even schedule a $29 shuttle ride from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport right to Opelika Alabama here at 

We’ll see you there!