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HopSkipDrive – the Uber for kids – raises $3.9M to expand beyond L.A.

On Tuesday, L.A. based HopSkipDrive announced that they had raised a $3.9 million seed round. The funding will be used to build out the service and expand beyond L.A. and the immediate areas. In a nutshell, HopSkipDrive’s service is kind of an Uber for kids, or rather parents. It is more like carpool on demand than taxi on demand:

HopSkipDrive is a ride service to get kids where they need to go when their parents can’t. It was created by three moms who understand the stress of driving kids to all of their activities, and the safety concerns parents have putting their children in someone else’s car.  It’s a simple, convenient and reliable solution borne out of necessity and fueled by care for the kids we carry.1

There are more fundamental difference between HopSkipDrive and the Uber’s of the world than their customer base. Catering to children and parents comes with a full new set of regulatory hurdles and safeguards. Further, as you might expect from a business dealing with children, HopSkipDrive has made an effort to go well above and beyond the most basic application of the law. Obviously, some of these safeguards will be harder to scale than others, but here is a quick look at their process:

Every HopSkipDriver undergoes a rigorous 15-point driver certification process before they can get behind the wheel with a child. All drivers are required to be over the age of 23, have at least 5 years of childcare experience, clean background checks, clean driving records, references that we actually speak with, and a 2005 or newer car. We meet and ride along with each driver, as well.2

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