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How to Make Your Mobile Workforce More Effective

By now, everyone knows how important it is to take business mobile. We also know that taking business mobile means hiring and equipping our workforce with the training and tools to get the most out of our mobile operations. But that is far from the end of the story. Like every other part of your business, your mobile efforts will have to be fine-tuned for your particular circumstances. Getting the most out of your mobile efforts requires more than the initial push. Here are some tips that will help you take things to the next level:

Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Out of sight, out of mind. That seems to be the management strategy of many business owners when it comes to their mobile workforce. Whether your outside team is sales or service, you need a mobile workforce management strategy that keeps them on point with relevant and useful information.

Fortunately, there is software designed for this very purpose. Put yourself in the place of a service tech on a house call. They could deal with the problem by going through a standard process to find and sort out the issue. Or, they could look at the complete history of repairs and equipment in that home from an app on a smartphone. They can figure out exactly what part most likely failed, and have it ordered in less time than it would take the homeowner to describe the problem they are having.

This type of management software also helps with scheduling issues. One of the biggest challenges with managing a mobile work force is keeping everyone on the same page. A sales team needs current information on changes in the catalog. It does no one any good for them to waste time selling what is no longer available. Whether you use specialized software, or just a more hands-on approach, you have to manage your mobile workforce in order to get the most out of it.

Reward Your Mobile Workforce

Most often, workforce efficiency comes down to an effective incentive strategy. Contrary to popular belief, money is not always the best incentive. What people won’t do for money, they will often do for recognition. Sometimes, giving a worker a public pat on the back is worth more than a quiet bonus on the paycheck.

GameEffective is an app that makes a game out of productivity and efficiency. The gamification of enterprise incentives works for the same reason that it works in every other setting. We humans require recognition for the work we do. We offer prizes to incentivize everyone from doctors, to writers, to great thinkers. At the highest level of employment, the competition for those prizes is fierce. Reward your mobile workforce with the right incentives, and they will reward you with their best work.

Respect Your Mobile Workforce

One of the biggest, and most common mistakes businesses make with their mobile workforce is to treat them as if they were on the clock 24/7. The premise employees go home at 5:00, while the mobile workers are on call all hours of the evening. Just because they are carrying a company cell and laptop, you don’t have the right to interrupt their dinner at home.

Not only is this extremely disrespectful, it leads to work-related stress and burnout. The mobile workforce is more susceptible to this because they feel obligated to respond to an email from work, or at least check to see what it says. It is not okay to disrespect the off-hours time of the mobile workforce. Respecting their time gives you a less stressed mobile workforce that will have more energy to put into the job when they are actually on the clock.

Manage, reward, and respect: these are the keys to getting the most out of any workforce, especially the part of that workforce that represents your mobile presence.