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Indy Startup Torchlite Is The New Agency

torchlite-1024x538 Indy Startup Torchlite Is The New AgencyIf your startup is in that growth stage where you need help with marketing, or a go to marketing person, but you’re not quite ready to hire an internal team or retain an “agency of record” than a fast growing Indianapolis startup may have found your sweet spot. reports that Torchlite has passed the $1 million dollar in annual revenue threshold, thus validating that a market exists for their marketplace. Susan Marshall, a former executive with Salesforce, Adobe and Apple, started Torchlite to connect companies to marketing professionals, an Uber for marketing people if you will.

Torchlite has grown from just 15 freelancers to over 200 which the company calls “Torchliters”. They’ve enlarged their foot print to over 30 cities nationwide.

“The idea was simple — create a technology-driven service that would enable businesses of any size to harness the power of digital marketing,” Marshall told

One of the key elements that’s unique to the Torchlite experience is their digital infrastructure. Also, Torchlite provides analytics and valuable data as to the success, impact and results of whatever digital marketing endeavor the user and the provider have creator.

The Torchlite community is curated to make sure that both freelancers and clients are successful and that nobody is wasting anytime.

Torchlite is moving into larger space in Indianapolis, as they continue to grow.

 “the rapid speed at which we’re growing has really exceeded our expectations. These early successes are proof that Torchlite is filling a gap in a marketplace that’s in dire need of updating. Our clients are experiencing just how powerful digital marketing can be to their businesses when done with the right mix of experts and technology.” Marshall told