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Innit hires Sam Kass, former White House Chef and policy advisor

On Sunday, the food tech startup Innit announced that the former White House Chef and Senior White House Food Policy Adviser Sam Kass had joined the company. Kass, who has been working on and off with the company over the past year, will be the chief consumer experience officer for Innit. In a nutshell, Innit has built a whole suite of cutting-edge products that will make it easier to prepare food.

Sam-Kass2 Innit hires Sam Kass, former White House Chef and policy advisor

Sam Kass

The company exited stealth mode in November of last year, after raising a $25m round. Though they are out of stealth mode, very little has been revealed about their products, in terms of visuals or specs. However, in the statement announcing that Kass has joined the company, there were some hints at the tech Innit has developed:

Innit’s team of chefs, nutritionists and engineers use cutting-edge food science and technology to help people manage and prepare their food with ease. The Innit platform identifies and measures food using advanced sensors in the kitchen, recommends recipes based on inventory and executes expert cooking techniques on connected kitchen appliances to produce perfect results every time.1

Further, Kass made a statement expressing his excitement to join the executive team at Innit:

Over the past decade I’ve seen many projects aimed at improving how people eat, but I can’t recall one that has greater potential impact than Innit. By bringing the right technology into the equation, we can unlock information within food to help people with food management, preparation and cooking. We can tackle some of the toughest food challenges for consumers and get people cooking more often at home, which is the foundation of a healthier lifestyle. I’m thrilled to be part of the Innit team.2

The company also announced that it plans to begin consumer trials of its products in the second half of 2016.