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John McAfee and Marc Andreessen just had a Twitter conversation for the ages

Earlier tonight, there was a Twitter conversation for the ages. In the middle of working the floor at TechCrunch Disrupt, Presidential Candidate John McAfee reminisced with fellow internet pioneer Marc Andreessen. The two are, arguably, among those that have had the greatest impact on the software industry. To see both men go back and forth about the old days was something else.

TechCrunch Disrupt is McAfee‘s first official U.S. stop after announcing his candidacy for President of the United States two weeks ago. McAfee did a few interviews after announcing his run, but this was the first in-person event he has attended in the U.S. As such, McAfee has been all over the press covering TechCrunch Disrupt. Of the many articles that have been written, one from Re/code, written by Carmel DeAmicis, has been getting a bunch of attention: 

After Marc Andreessen – the co-founder of Netscape, developer of the first commercial internet browser, co-founder and Partner of the wildly successful VC firm Andreessen Horowitz – retweeted the above, McAfee thanked him and began one of the most interesting Twitter conversations of some time.

The fact that McAfee – the guy who invented instant messaging, the entire anti-virus industry, and Presidential Candidate – and Andreessen – the guy who invented the commercial browser, started one of the most influential VC firms in Silicon Valley, and who also sits on the board at Facebook, eBay, and HP – were able to just shoot the shit for anyone to see is a testament to the industry that both helped to create. Just a normal Monday night.